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Question: What services are available and how do I use them?
  • All Users:
    • Webmail at mail.accessaxis.com for you@accessaxis.com
    • IMAP at mail.accessaxis.com
    • SMTP at mail.accessaxis.com
      (MUST use IMAP to use SMTP. IMAP-before-SMTP enabled)
    • FTP to ftp://you:yourpassword@ftp.accessaxis.com/
  • Paid Users:
    • Secure Shell (SSH) to shell.accessaxis.com (NetBSD).
    • FTP logs into your home directory. Web documents are under the "htdocs" symbolic link.
    • You must reference your website as "you.accessaxis.com".
  • Free Users:
    • You must reference your website as "free.accessaxis.com/~you".

Question: How much space do pay accounts get?
Answer: Virtually unlimited. I won't stop you until at least 1.5gb of usage. Arrangements can be made for more on a case-by-case basis.

Question: Do I have to use tcsh on my shell account?
Answer: No, there are quite a number of shells, including pdksh, ksh93, dash, posh, rc, es, bash, csh, tcsh, zsh. Take a look at /etc/shells to see what's available, then just type "chsh".

Question: Why isn't my account created automatically? Why does it need to go to the system administrator?
Answer: This is a security issue. If I have to manually approve every new account and account change, then the server is much less vulnerable to potential attacks. This ensures the highest possible uptime and least likelyhood of stolen user data.